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[Fwd: [jonas] Browsing Queues with big messages]


Because it seems that the previous attempt did'nt ship the original message, i reforward this to the JORAM's ML


-------- Original Message --------
Subject:        [jonas] Browsing Queues with big messages
Date:   Wed, 30 Nov 2005 16:47:49 +0100
From:   rittner@xxxxxxxx
Reply-To:       jonas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
To:     jonas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


My joram version is 4.3.10

I've a problem with the queue-browser. In my message queues are thousend of messages. Typically up to 200MB for all messages in one queue. I use NTransaction for persistence. If I start to browse a queue with the method QueueBrowser.getEnumeration, the joram-server collects all messages in one reply message and return this (very big) message to my client.
Sometimes I get a NullPointerException in the method 

   // Sending a "browse" request:
   QBrowseRequest browReq = new QBrowseRequest(queue.getName(), selector);
   // Expecting an answer:
   QBrowseReply reply = (QBrowseReply) sess.syncRequest(browReq);

   if (JoramTracing.dbgClient.isLoggable(BasicLevel.DEBUG))
     JoramTracing.dbgClient.log(BasicLevel.DEBUG, this
                                + ": received an enumeration.");

   // Processing the received messages:
   Vector momMessages = reply.getMessages(); // <- NPE, reply is null

My suggest: it is a timed out connection between the client and joram server. If the 
client is configured with to few memory, the client runs into a long timed gc (without 
an OutOfMemoryError!) or the joram-server needs to long time to create the 
reply-message (I can't detect the real problem). Btw, the "(QBrowseReply) 
sess.syncRequest(browReq);" fails with a null return and I get a NPE.

First, the NPE is not a good idea ;-)
Second: Is it possible to change the design of receiving Browse-Replies? Is 
it possible to receive a single message on each next()?

best regards,


Benoit Pelletier
Bull, Architect of an Open World TM
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