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[frascati] Re: Factory does not exist in version 1.3

Hi Jhan,

Jhan Yuler De La Pava Torres a écrit :
Hi everybody

It seems that org.ow2.frascati.factory.Factory class does not exist in Frascati v1.3. I got a java.lang.ClassNotFoundException when I try to use the code

Component component = new Factory().getComposite( "some-composite");

How can I get a reference to a component to invoke it in Frascati v1.3?

You are right. This class was defined in FraSCAti 1.2 and before.
Now FraSCAti 1.3 has the class org.ow2.frascati.FraSCAti for this purpose.

FraSCAti frascati = FraSCAti.newFraSCAti();
Component component = frascati.newComposite("some-composite");


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