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Re: [clif] How can I get Clif working correctly ?

Title: Votre signature email Orange (en France)

I see you are a very advanced user: doing all this without help makes me think CLIF documentation is not so bad... :-)
It seems to me that you did not edit the recorded scenario. You must edit file myTest.xis in order to set target port numbers and IP addresses, as well as to set a load profile for the recorded behavior (i.e. the number of active virtual users with the recorded behavior according to time).

Am I wrong?

-- Bruno.

Céline Guillot a écrit :

I'm trying tu use Clif at work to make load test on a server.
I'm using Java 1.5 and Clif 1.2.1 and the Eclipse console. I would like to
simulate a large number of real users to test a server.
I want to inject from my computer to the server I want to test on port 8080.
Where must I put my IP address and the server IP adress and the port ?
I've recorded a scenario with MaxQ : myTest.xis.
I've created a Test Plan. I've added an injector with :  Class : IsacRunner
; Arguments : myTest.xis.
Then I started the Clif Registry :
in the fiel Hostname I only have the choice of my IP address. I think it's
right because I want to inject from my computer.
in the field Code Server Port I enter the port of my computer to inject.

Have I to change something on this file :
and on this one : 

I've try with this configuration :
-Dfractal.registry.host=localhost \
-Dfractal.registry.port=1234 \
-Dclif.codeserver.port=1357 \
-Dclif.codeserver.host=localhost \

I've deployed, initialized and started the injector.
But in the monitor the Number of actions, errors, and responses times are
always at 0.
Why is it always on 0 ?
And Time frame is around 1000.

Maybe I made a bad configuration but I dont really know where.

An other point :

In my scenario (recorded with MaxQ) I would like tu use a dynamic variable.
Can I add a CSV file with the values of the variable ?
What can I use ? Maybe the CSVProvider ? But how ?

I really wanted to know how to use clif well, it seems to be a very
interesting framework, with a lot of plug-in possibilities. I don't find
what I was looking for in the documentation, which may be a little court,
but I know it takes a lot of time to do. 



Bruno Dillenseger
distributed systems research engineer
tél. +33 4 76 76 41 46

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