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Re: [clif] Architecture of Clif


You may have a look at file org.objectweb.clif.console.lib.ClifApp.fractal, and other subsequently used fractal files (defining component types or composites).
Fractal files are put together with java source files (see src/ directory from CVS repository or src.zip from binary distribution). They are also included in jars clif-only.jar and clif-full.jar from the binary distribution.

BTW, I know that an architectural description is currently lacking. Fortunately, I need to produce documentation about it right now. So, expect new and updated documentation by the end of this week about the architecture.

Best regards,
-- Bruno.

mhimdi@xxxxxxxx a écrit:
Hi Bruno 
It's possible to have the full architcture of clif (the .fractal file) . this will  help me more to understand the relationship between differents component of the architecture.

Thanks in advance


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